Main Site

This is the main site for the book I have edited, titled "Microarray Image and Data Analysis: Theory and Practice",  published by CRC Press / Taylor & Francis tentatively in March 2014. This site is being updated periodically.


This book overviews microarray image analysis, covering different types of microarrays such as cDNA, protein, tissue, and low- and high-density oligonucleotide arrays. Broad in scope, the book covers the most important aspects of microarray image analysis, including gridding, segmentation, quantification, normalization, clustering, and network analysis.


  • Designed as a guide to resources for microarray data, including types, applications, analysis, storage, and retrieval
  • Includes the latest methods in microarray image and data analysis through contributions by top researchers
  • Covers microarrays such as oligonucleotide, tiling, tissue, and protein arrays



  • Mar 2014: The book has just been published. It is available at Amazon and other sites. Main CRC site:
  • Oct 2013: The book is currently in the production department and is expected to be published by March 2014.