• Mina Yifeng Grad October 2014Jun 19 2015: Congratulations to Siva Singi Reddy for obtaining the CIBCB 2015 travel award!... the best wishes in your presentation! 
  • Jun 16 2015: Congratulations to Forough Firoozbakht for your Master's degree!... the best wishes in your PhD! 
  • Jan 16 2015: New publication:  Y. Li, B. J. Oommen, A. Ngom, L. Rueda, "Pattern classification using a new border identification paradigm: The nearest border technique", Neurocomputing 2015. Accepted -- In press. 
  • Dec 18 2014: Congratulations to Forough Firoozbakht who has defending her thesis... Welcome to our lab as a PhD student!  
  • Oct 18 2014: Congratulations to Mina Maleki and Yifeng Li for your PhD Degrees!... Congratulations to Yifeng too for obtaining the 2013-2014 Governor General's Gold Medal!
  • Sep 04 2014: Congratulations to Yifeng Li who has won the University of Windsor 2013-2014 Governor General's Gold Medal!
  • May 15 2014:Mina Maleki and Iman Rezaeian have successfully defended their PhD thesis... Congratulations to both!
  • Apr 5 2014: Dr. Luis Rueda has been recently obtained his NSERC Discovery Grant for five years on a
    project titled "Integrative machine learning methods for prediction of protein-protein interactions
    and analysis of the dynamics of interactomes".
  • Mar 23 2014: New publication: I. Rezaeian and L. Rueda, "CMT: A Constrained Multi-level Thresholding Approach for ChIP-Seq Data Analysis", PLOS ONE, 2014. Accepted - In Press. Download the tool from here.
  • Mar 6 2014: The book "Microarray Image and Data Analysis: Theory and Practice" has just been published by CRC Press / Taylor & Francis. More details can be found in the book site.
  • Dec 20 1013: New publication: N. Shakiba and L. Rueda, "MicroRNA identification using linear dimensionality reduction with explicit feature mapping", BMC Proceedings 2013, 7(Suppl 7):S8.
  • Dec 2013: Mina Maleki and Iman Rezaeian have successfully defended their PhD Comprehensive Exams and Thesis Proposals. Congratulations to both and all the best in their thesis defenses!
  • Nov 7 2013: New publication: M. Maleki, G. Vasudev, L. Rueda, "The role of electrostatic energy in prediction of obligate protein-protein interactions", Proteome Science 2013, 11(Suppl 1):S11
  • Oct 31 2013: Luis Rueda has been awarded a Seeds4Hope grant for two years from the Windsor-Essex County Cancer Centre Foundation, along with his collaborators Dora Cavallo-Medvev and Lisa Porter from Biological Sciences and Alioune Ngom from the School of Computer Science.  The project titled "Transcriptomic analysis of prostate cancer using RNA-seq data" focuses on understanding the regulatory mechanisms of gene expression in prostate cancer using machine learning algorithms on RNA-seq data. One of the aims is to find novel ways in which genes are expressed in prostate cancer, or alternative splicing, and the corresponding protein products as biomarkers. Machine learning algorithms will also help distinguish among different types of prostate cancer such as low or high-risk, localized or metastatic and benign tumours, and progression. Latest story in the Windsor Star.
  • Oct 19 2013: Congratulations to Ahmad Tavakoli, who has just recently graduated!. Ahmad completed his MSc in Computer Science in our lab. All the best in your new job Ahmad! AhmadGraduationCeremony
  • Jul 2013: I am editing a book titled "Microarray Image and Data Analysis: Theory and Practice" to be published by CRC Press / Taylor & Francis tentatively in June 2014. 
  • Jul 2013: I have recently been promoted to Professor within the School of Computer Science, University of Windsor.